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Valleys of Silence

Sunday, April 7, marked 20 years since the beginning of the tragedy in Rwanda, during which an estimated 800,000 people – roughly 20 percent of the country’s population – lost their lives.

“A suffocating darkness surrounds me. Choking diesel fumes fill the air inside the container truck. I am nearly thrown off my feet as the vehicle jerks to a halt. A dead silence reigns. There is a loud groaning of steel as the handle of the door of the container is twisted open. A single beam of sunlight pierces the darkness, illuminating a sea of terrified children’s faces.” So begins Wende’s harrowing account of the Rwandan genocide, which he witnessed as a reporter in 1994.

His personal diary takes us back to that time, a document that reminds us, 20 years later, that we must never forget. Valley of Silence is a digital short that, more so than most, will make a lasting impact.

 “Hamilton Wende’s Rwanda diary merges history, personal witness and political analysis to illuminate the dark spaces of the human heart.”
Robyn Curnow, CNN Africa Correspondent

ISBN-13: 9781928216223
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Only the Dead

Deep in the Ugandan jungle, a mysterious new presence has infiltrated the Claws of God – a cult army of child soldiers led by the depraved General Faustin. The children are now being controlled by the sinister Papa Mephisto, and believe he is possessed by the magic and power of the lion.

Psychologist Tania Richter is struggling to penetrate the minds of these dangerous and brainwashed children. She calls on Sebastian Burke who, while trying to escape his traumatic past and failed relationship, has been researching lion mythology and its tangled history in human culture.

Sebastian soon finds himself embroiled in a war that extends to the conflict between Islamic extremists and the American government. With the world under threat of a nuclear terrorist attack and the lives of the children at stake, he and Tania must race to uncover the tangled history of lions and humans through the ages, and face its horrifying implications.

ISBN-13: 9780143530404
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